Persuasive Evangelism

In an attempt to engage the big questions and ideologies of students and the entire campus, GHAFES students put up Christian apologetic engagements to help non-Christian students and faculty to remove barriers to believing the Gospel.


In promoting a culture of evangelism among Christian students, this is a unique, new and everyday approach to campus evangelism where students team-up in pairs to embark on sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ on the campus.

Campus Evangelism

Here, tertiary campuses are reached with the Gospel by the GHAFES Campus Ministry Directorate in partnership with University Chaplaincies and structures for public proclamation of the Gospel.

Curious (Campus Evangelism Weeks)

Campus Evangelism Week, dubbed, ‘Curious’ is a week-long event scheduled by students of the GHAFES Local Campus Fellowships (LCFs) to dynamically engage non-Christian friends and faculty with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through unique strategies.

Target Evangelism

Here, the University community is profiled and students reach out to the unreached or less reached people groups on our campuses. Through our FRESH initiative, fresh men and women are given an opportunity to respond to the Gospel; Muslim students are shown the love of...