GHAFES is the acronym for the Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Who are we?

GHAFES is people …. …students, associates, staff and friends with a commitment to reaching the “Tertiary” world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

GHAFES is a national movement of Christian fellowships in the tertiary institutions of Ghana. It is the oldest and largest of students’ Christian movements in Ghanaian tertiary institutions

Our Strategy

Local campus fellowship programs.

Zonal rallies and conferences.

Leadership training Seminars.

National Annual student conferences.

National student executive congresses.

Student-In-Church-Evangelism (SICE) (A Short term Experience in Rural Mission)

Literature Promotion.

Associates Seminars and Conferences.


Knowing Christ and making Him known.

Our Mission

As an inter/non-denominational evangelical fellowship, we seek to build a movement of tertiary Christian students and graduates who are well equipped to be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ and agents of change on their campuses, in their churches, communities, the Nation and beyond; bringing Godly influence wherever they are found

Our People

GHAFES is all about students! We are currently running 52 fellowships in various public and private tertiary institutions across the country let by students. We value our diversity in each fellowship and our unity around a common vision and statement of faith. 

Our Vision

To be a dynamic inter/non- denominational movement of evangelical Christian students in all tertiary institutions in Ghana with a strong Christian witness on Campus, in church and society, producing graduates that establish a Godly impact wherever they are found.


GHAFES was born from the missionary zeal of young graduates from the UCCF of the UK. Inspired by the leaders of their movements to choose their careers and professions with mission in view, they viewed the emerging independent African states as mission fields in which they could practice their profession and be witnesses of Jesus Christ.

Propelled by this, some took up appointments in our universities where, in addition to their professional responsibilities, they gathered students to share the word of God with them and encourage them in their Christian faith. These students banded together to form the University Christian Fellowship (UCF) and Inter-Hall Christian Fellowship (IHCF) of Legon and KNUST respectively. The fellowship at the University of Cape Coast formed a bit later and at 1966 conference in Koforidua, the three groups met to form the Ghana Inter-University Christian Fellowship (GIUCF).

As the vision bore fruit in the ensuing years, more groups were formed and affiliated at the initiative of committed student leaders.  As more groups affiliated throughout the 1970’s, the need for a name change to reflect the breadth of the ministry was increasingly felt.  Consequently in 1975, the name Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students – GHAFES – was adopted.

From humble beginnings of 3 fellowships, GHAFES has grown to embrace 52 fellowships (and growing) on campuses around the country. The fellowship operates within a fast changing, multi-dimensional campus environment, but continues its mandate in this new millennium to know Christ and make Him known!


GHAFES is a member of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), a worldwide fellowship of national student movements committed to engaging the university world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

IFES and GHAFES share an emphasis on:

• Evangelism

• Mission

• Discipleship

• Leadership formation and

Responsible Church membership and citizenship

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