Campus Ministry

Scripture Engagement

As an evangelical movement, we are convinced that the Holy Bible is the final authority in all matters of faith and conduct. Central to Christian discipleship is mastery of God’s word in orthodoxy and orthopraxy. We would want to see a new generation of students who think and act biblically. We would, therefore, want to leverage the digital space to challenge a new generation of students to love, study, and live God’s Word.

We achieve this through Bible Mastery Equipping Sessions, Bible Reading, Bible Overview, Quiet Time, Bible Study, Bible Memorization, and Application.


Campus Engagement

Ideas, decisions, and policies which are carried out on the tertiary world will have determining consequences on the rest of society. The tertiary campuses exist to through research, push for truth and expose falsehood. We are convinced that the gospel has a place on the tertiary campuses because the gospel is truth embodied in the person of Jesus. We are, therefore, determined to shape the big conversations which take place in this context with biblical and Christlike reasoning. Through dialogic initiatives and engagements, we seek to impact members of the university community.


Pioneering Student Witness

Students in GHAFES Local Campus Fellowships are the human machinery for reaching out to the campuses. The communities with which they grow must be seen and appreciated to be healthy and vibrant. So, whilst we work hard to strengthen weak LCFs, we also thrive at expanding the reach of the ministry on other tertiary campuses we are not yet in operation.


Graduate/Faculty Ministry

The area of the graduate and faculty Ministry has been untapped. We believe that our calling to engage the tertiary campuses with the gospel of Jesus involves the entire community including its postgraduate students, teaching, and non-teaching staff.