GHAFES is led by the Executive Council, Staff Members and the Students National Executive Committee


GHAFES is governed by an Executive Council comprised of godly men and women who provide the strategic policy framework to ensure that GHAFES achieves its mission.

The responsibilities of the council are:

  • Acting as trustees for GHAFES
  • Appointing and ensuring the welfare and development of officers, staff workers and other employees or agents of GHAFES.
  • Supporting the officers and staff workers with prayer and counsel.
  • Ensuring that funds are raised and administered on behalf of GHAFES.
  • Ensuring the growth of the student and Associate fellowships and friends who shall be encouraged to support GHAFES through prayer, financing and participating in its program.
  • Generally acting as an Advisory body to the student’s National Executive Committee, Associate Executive Committee and making recommendations to the Annual General Meeting.
  • Monitoring and evaluating ministry performance.
  • Ensuring that all stakeholders adhere to ministry tenets and objectives.

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GHAFES is served by a staff team of committed spirit-field Christians who believe in the mission and vision of the ministry and work hard to ensure it implementation in various areas.

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The Student’s National Executive Committee (SNEC) of GHAFES is responsible, within the policy framework of the Executive Council and the Annual General Meeting, for the administration and execution of the aims of GHAFES as related to students.

The Student’s National Executive Committee consist of the president and secretary of each member-fellowship of GHAFES and a Secretary (from the fellowship where the Chairman emerges).

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