Mentorship and Leadership Formaςion

GHAFES believes that a lot rises and falls on leadership. We equip students to build on and flourish in their leadership skills, to develop character, and to foster Christian minds and global hearts. We invest today in order to influence tomorrow.

Well-structured leadership training (like the Local Leadership Training Seminars-LLTS and the National Leadership Training Seminars-NLTS), FINAL and capacity building sessions are ran for our students to groom them into holistic leaders.

Slogan: Developing tomorrow’s leaders today

FINAL (The Finalist Integrity Conference)

The GHAFES Finalists’ Integrity Conference which is an annual gathering for final year students focuses on infusing into soon-to-be graduates the virtues of integrity and equipping them to be salt and light in society, the nation and beyond. Over the years, the initiative has helped to allay the fears of students by training and preparing them for the corporate world, focusing on career development, healthy relationships, ministry involvement and above all the need for a lifestyle of integrity in the private and public lives.


Through our three-prone mentorship model – Personal, Professional, STEM mentorship models, students are given the opportunity to interact with experienced Christ-like Associates and other partners who mentor them for various fields of life.

Local/National Leadership Training Seminar (LLTS/NLTS)

At the local level, this seeks to build Leadership competence, character development and care in ministry and also to train newly elected leaders to be effective.

At the national level, student leaders are equipped and empowered to provide transformational leadership to bring impactful change on their campuses and society


GHAFES Leadership Networks (GHALNETS) aim at equipping tertiary students to integrate their faith with their field of study. Students are trained or mentored to engage the challenges and unique issues in their field of practice with Biblical Christian framework. In raising students as Christlike leaders to be salt and light in every strategic sphere of society, GHALNETS equip students through networks such as Political Network, Education Network, the Law Network, Theology Network, Health Network and others.