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GHAFES is people – students, Associates, staff and friends (of GHAFES) with a commitment to reaching the “Tertiary” world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. GHAFES is the acronym for the Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students, a national movement of inter and non-denominational Christian Fellowships in the Universities and other Tertiary Institutions in Ghana

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Knowing Christ and Making Him Known


Know Christ… Make Him Known


To reach, equip and connect tertiary Students and Associates to be effective witnesses of Jesus Christ, serving  as agents of change on campus and beyond.


A movement of Christlike Students and Associates (Character), proclaiming Christ (Witness), transforming tertiary campuses, the church and society in Ghana (Impact)

Our Scope

GHAFES is made up of 52 local campus fellowships (and still counting) in the tertiary institutions in Ghana. This is made up of 43 fellowships in the Public and Private Universities, 7 fellowships in the polytechnics/technical universities, and a fellowship in a Theological Seminary. Each fellowship has either GHAFES or Christian Fellowship/ Family appended to the name of the institution. These 52 local campus fellowships are geographically grouped into four (4) zones – Northern Zone, Mid-Ghana Zone, South-West Zone and South-East Zone