Our slogan/motto is Knowing Christ… Making Him Known!

GHAFES is the acronym for the Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Who are we?

GHAFES is people …. …students, associates, staff and friends with a commitment to reaching the “Tertiary” world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

GHAFES is a pioneer ministry of evangelical Christianity in Ghanaian tertiary institutions. The first ever campus fellowship was established in 1956, the Inter hall Christian Fellowship (IHCF) of the then College of Technology, now Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). GHAFES as a national movement with a national secretariat however, began in 1966.

Currently, the ministry has 49 central / member Local Campus Fellowships across the nation. These Local Campus Fellowships are found in twenty-four (24) public and nine (9) private tertiary institutions and one (1) theological seminary. The Campus Fellowships have various wings, hall fellowships and small groups that make us reach far more students on campus.

Our Distinctiveness

As the name “GHAFES” depicts, we are …

  • National and Indigenous movement.  This means, we are self-supporting; self-governing and self-propagating within the context of Ghana.
  • A fellowship. Thus, we are inter and non-denominational.  We are committed to evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and creating mission awareness and involvement among members.  We are also committed to producing responsible church members and citizens.  
  • Evangelical. We emphasize that salvation is by faith alone through the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ alone. We affirm that the Scripture (Bible) alone is the final authority in all matters of faith and conduct.
  • Student focused and in particular students in the tertiary institutions.  We are committed to student-led initiative. We are a ministry who build students to reach out to their fellow students.


GHAFES is affiliated to the global students’ movement of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students.