Explore our Identity

GHAFES is people – students, Associates, staff and friends (of GHAFES) with a commitment to reaching the “Tertiary” world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. GHAFES is the acronym for the Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students, a national movement of inter and non-denominational Christian Fellowships in the Universities and other Tertiary Institutions in Ghana.

Our Slogan
Our Motto

Know Christ, Make Him Known.

Knowing Christ and making Him known.

Our Distinctiveness

As a GHAFES family, we share a foundational sense of our uniqueness which gives us cause to live out our calling to the tertiary institutions. We express the uniqueness of our ministry by these statements;

  • National and Indigenous

    We are self-governing, self-supporting, and self propagating within the context of Ghana.

  • A Fellowship

    We are inter and non-denominational.

  • Evangelical

    We emphasize that salvation is by faith alone through the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ alone and that Scripture (the Bible) alone is the final authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

  • Student-focused Initiative

    We are student-focused and encourage students ministering to their fellow students as a primal part of our ministry.