How We Do Ministry

As an inter/non-denominational movement, we minister in several ways, including pioneering new Local Campus Fellowships to reach every sphere of the tertiary world through student-led initiatives; making the Good News of Jesus Christ known through our Creative Campus Evangelism strategies, Small Group Wholistic Discipleship and Mentorship Programmes; sending students on cross-cultural missions fields; raising and equipping leaders and associates of character, competence and care to engage the campuses and marketplace with issues of integrity; and  serving the larger Christian Church through our Church-based training programmes in evangelism, missions and discipleship.

Campus Evangelism and Missions

Slogan: Knowing Christ … Making Him Known

The tertiary campus is the primary mission field of GHAFES. GHAFES offers opportunities for its members to engage their peers and the tertiary campus with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is achieved through our creative campus evangelism and missions’ strategies.

Creative Evangelism

Target Evangelism

Curious ( Campus Evangelism Weeks)

Campus Missions


Persuasive Evangelism